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Would you like to have a positive impact and improve the life of people through equine experiences. DALUZ offers you the opportunity to be a part of changing peoples lives! You don’t need to know about horses, in our trainig session we show you everyting you will need to know to be able to help! Below are the various volunteer opportunities we offer.

DALUZ gives volunteers the opportunity to learn how to ride with equine classes in exchange for volunteer hours.




Assistant in Equine Therapy class

Side walkers help the student feel comfortable following the teachers instructions, offering physical support and providing motivation during class.


Leading the horse during class

This is a big job! Students rely on a happy horse for a great class. Helping the horse maintain an adequate rhythm for the student, keeping the equine focused and relaxed help accomplish the objective of the class.


Stable/Barn assistant

We take the best care of our horses, so they can take care of our students. From cleaning the barn, the stables, paddocks, and the equipment of the horses, tack the horses for class and taking care of the horse’s daily routine, (feeding, grooming, muck the stables, etc.), to feeding and taking care of the farm animals.

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Administration work

From our day to day to do list, helping with social media, preparing material for classes and workshops, photography, videography, and fundaraising. 

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Photography and Videography

We are constantly updating our social media pages, web page, and training documents and videos which requires material. This content motivates us to work together with people who love to work with horses.


Help with Events

We have different types of events year round. We always need help planning, organizing and participating in the different events organized by DALUZ such as festivals, competitions, Special Olympics, children camps, team building, workshops etc.

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Our facilities are surrounded by foliage, bushes, flowers and trees that contribute to the benefit of outdoor therapy. Maintaining them is essential.


Help fix and build

There is plenty of fixing and building to help out in year round, from fixing gates, to fences, to building sidewalks, maintaining our sensory park, painintg, etc.


Help in Veterinary area

We have 15 horses on board that need routine checkups to keep them sound, and happy for our riders, as well as other farm animals used for therapy that all need care. From deparasiting, to fisiotherapy, to monthly weigh and feeding programs.


*Must have knowledge in the veterinary area

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Group Volunteering programs

With 13 acres of land, 30 stables, 2 riding arenas, Equine sensory park, 9 turn outs, parking lot and green space; DALUZ offers groups to help keep the facility on great shape for clients and horses while offering and excellent opportunity for groups or companies to have a community day of service.


  • DALUZ will strive to align projects with goals and preferences

  • Food and drinks can be provided by DALUZ upon request

  • Full day, half day or multi day programas available

  • Project examples include:

    • Outdoor: tree trimming, fence installation or repairing, flower or garden maintence or installation, mowing, weed eating, etc.

    • Indoor: painting, event preparation, cleaning, decorating, etc.

    • One time projects: sensory park station construction, building sidewalks, painting murals, etc.

    • Special events: Set up for Christmas Show/Party, Anual Fundraiser, Special Olympics

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