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DALUZ VIVENCIAS EQUINAS (translated: DALUZ EQUESTRIAN EXPERIENCES) is a Therapeutic Equestrian Center that has the objective to improve the quality of life of people through the horse. How do we do it? By creating and forming life skills through different tools and techniques with the equine that later are transferred to everyday life.


The center offers equestrian activities such as Equine Therapy, Assisted Social Therapy with Horses, Mini Program, Vaulting and Equestrianism for Children and Adults. DALUZ provides activities facilitated by horses, therapies and advises children and adults with physical, cognitive, sensorial, coping, emotional, social and learning disabilities, traumas, addictions and adaptation difficulties. 


Each one of the programs is designed to personally work with the student’s necessities offering a personalized service through our classes. Our therapies encourage the student to develop their skills as a horse rider while we support their individual personal and physical goals.

DALUZ is a non-profit foundation that started in 2015 with 1 instructor, 2 horses and 1 assistant. Today it helps more than 50 students, with 3 instructors, and more than 50 volunteers that contribute to the great mission of DALUZ along with our sponsors that inspire so many students to recognize their light through the horse.


Liberty: Share the liberty through horses, nature and creation.


Conquering Objectives: Conquer your objectives with the horse as your partner.

Equality: Promote the equality amoungst students independently of their situation.


Security: Transmit equestrian, personal and life lessons that will help to become an independent horse rider.


Passion: Love what we do, and each lesson comes with mutual love that transmits courage, effort and faith in all situations.


Joy: Enjoy the journey, life and every moment we have with fullness.


DALUZ was born from the equestrian passion from our founder Daniella Chavarría. Daniella mas born and raised in Costa Rica, since she was a little girl, she enjoyed her family farm and the country ambience. When she was 2 years old, she started riding horses and since then her passion and equestrian activity began. She studied Business Administration in UEM University in Spain. During her time in Madrid she always rode, trained and enjoyed horses. When she finished her career, Daniella came back to Costa Rica, where she worked in marketing and communication for 7 years. Her equestrian passion was always her weekend and free time hobby. In 2012 she decided to leave her office job and converted her passion for horses into her full-time job.


Daniella started her equestrian career training horses in an animal husbandry of Spanish breeding. Helping a mistreated horse was the challenge that lead her to communicate with this horse through love, patience, confidence and fellowship; and ended up being the reason of making the extra effort and sharing this amazing change the horse had with her and the people that worked in the animal husbandry. In that moment, a dream was born of wanting to help others through this majestic animal. She traveled to the United States where she started a personal journey in equine therapy and got certified as an international instructor in equine therapy (PATH) and psychotherapy with horses (EAGALA)


After finishing her certification, she came back to Costa Rica in June 2015 and gave a name to her dream when she founded DALUZ Equestrian Experiences, which means “Horses giving light to people through experiences with horses”.


In January 2017, DALUZ opened its own installations and counts with more than 50 students, 3 instructors, personal support and volunteers, seven horses, a pony, a donkey and an animal farm.


DALUZ offers 5 programs that enrich y better the lives of people in different areas such as:

  1. Equine therapy

  2. Assisted therapy with horses

  3. Equestrianism

  4. Vaulting

  5. Minis


In 2018, the first Equestrian Sensorial Park was founded in Costa Rica to take advantage of all the benefits from the horse in a nature filled environment. The park counts with an assigned area to work on sensorial aspects, psychomotor, visuals, equestrian skills and terrain changes, that help with the advancement in the different programs offered.



Daniella Chavarria

Equine Therapy PATH, USA

Psychotherapy EAGALA, USA

Coaching System, FEI

Vaulting, FEI

Real Escuela de Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

Trained in dressage in Wellington, FL. USA

Courses of Natural Horsemanship

Certified in CPR and First Aid National Safety Council® USA PRIMEROS AUXILIOS & RCP-DEA

Languages: English and Spanish


Catherine Cubas

Degree in Psychology
University of Iberoamérica – UNIBE – Costa Rica



Rosalin Sanchez

Executive Coordinator


Evelyn Dávila


Maximiliano Oviedo

Facilities Manager

brayan sosa.jpg

Brayan Sosa


Guillermo Medrano



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